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Someoen who, rather than attack the merits of your argument will bring up completely irrelevant shit, like how you mispronounced a word or, in the case of the internet, typed a word wrong.
Person 1: That makes absolutely no fjcking sense!
Person 2 ( Dress Winter Casual 21 Forever Boutique qxY8X6w): Oh, I'm so sorry that didnt make any *fjcking* sense. Jesus, anyone who types the word fucking wrong must be an idiot. I win the argument.
by oh shit i'm dead April 03, 2005
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When someone (who may have been recently Midi Soft Asos Dress Design Jacquard Kimono xIIWHSq5) Will dig up any random shit to try to get back at you or to make you look wrong.
John - Yeah, there is no way that the4 skatepark will open by january

Nitpicker - What was that? I didnt know of an english word called "The4"

John - It was a typo u asshole...

Nitpicker - Since when is U a word? I always thought there was a Y and an O in front of it, but thats just me *Rolls eyes*
by Pacman12 August 14, 2007
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a new Canadian term for a person obsessed with others' spelling and grammar, even in online chat rooms and other such informal settings.
person a) stop being such a nit-pick

person b) what's a nit-pick?

person a) a grammar Nazi in Canadian English

person b) oh ok, but er isn't there an informal grammar for chatrooms and stuff?

person a) not IMHO
by sexydimma February 09, 2015
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