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M2PA-09 says:

 It is not necessary to put the message length in the LI octet as in
 MTP2. The LI octet is included because the two spare bits in the LI
 octet are used by MTP3 in at least one national version of SS7 to
 carry MTP3 information. For example, the Japanese TTC standard uses
 these spare bits as an MTP3 Message Priority field. See [JT-Q704],
 section 14 "Common Characteristics of message signal unit formats",
 section 14.2 (A) "Priority Indicator (PRI)". For versions of MTP that
 do not use these two bits, the entire octet is spare.


   PRI - Priority used only in national MTP defined in [JT-Q704].
         Spare for other MTP versions.

These bits are defined in JT-Q703, not JT-Q704.

Change JT-Q704 to JT-Q703 above and add [JT-Q703] to the references.


Brian F. G. Bidulock

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